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NEW! Digital Story

Forgiveness - A Digital Story by Julie Coull and dedicated to her father Tom Trow

Approaching death, the inescapable fact of life by Josina Keuskamp-van Schaik
An interview with Judith Pocock, the founder of the Ruby Care Foundation.

For Judith Pocock, the process of death is entirely connected with the awe and wonder of the enigma and mystery of life. One of her motifs in starting the Ruby Heart Foundation was to penetrate the taboos that surround this most important time and raise the awareness of the proces of dying. 'It started in me because of a growing dissatisfaction with the way people look at death. Click here ...

Contemplations on Death, Dying - and Life
A Conversation with Judith Pocock - Bereavement Counsellor and Founder of The Ruby Care Foundation in Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK
By Diane M. Cooper

Diane: Judith, I'm aware that you've been involved in esoteric study and research for a number of years. I'm also aware you have gathered tremendous knowledge about the arena of death and dying through the work you do in the world. Click here...

Facing Death By David Palmer
Part I
You can feel almost apologetic introducing the subject of death. In a materialistic society there's no future in it. Death occurs in a terminal ward, when the heart stops beating and vital signs have ceased. It can seem like a depthless chasm we dare not look into in case it draws us down. Click here...

Part II
The passing on of someone is a most powerful time. The feelings stirred up then - in the person themselves, and in those who love them - may be the strongest and most real ever felt in a life. Click here...

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