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001/pub – FEAR - £1.75

  • What is fear?
  • Where does it live in the human complex – and why?
  • Perhaps we inherited it from our ancestors from a long-time ago?
  • If we did, is it still necessary to have the same fears in us today?
  • Does the ‘fear for ones life’ manifest at a different level from the other various fears that humans experience?

002/pub – ANXIETY - £1.75

  • When someone has thought things through, knows how they will deal with things, has organised everything that it is possible to organise, and is settled to the fact that they cannot arrange everything to absolute absolutely perfection - and some things not at all - then anxiety is not at play
  • If things have not been thought through and organised, because of there not being enough time or resources, which has prevented the desired result, it is still possible to feel settled to that fact

003/pub – YOU - your individuality and uniqueness - £2.50

Your body, together with a soul and a spirit, is a crucible that attracts life to itself, in which YOU, over a period of time, form up

YOU form up from many different aspects:-

  • your blood family and genetic make-up
  • your country and environment
  • influences from 9 months in your mother’s womb
  • the time of year you are born
  • your national curriculum of formal education
  • your religion (or not) and social, tribal customs
  • the experiences you pass through
  • your gender
  • ....and much, much more....

004/pub - SETTLEMENT - a prerequisite to dying? - £3.00

  • Being born, living and dying are all points of change in the on-going metamorphosis, from before, to now, to after; all these within the greater purposes of what existence really is. So, death is not an end as we perceive it, but a change of state
  • There is a physical law that everything must come to a point of settlement, or balance, before change can happen. For example: when an embryo is growing in the womb, at about 20 weeks it stops growing completely; then comes the quickening, it becomes (changes into) a human foetus with its own processes, and an enormous spurt of growth ensues. So, settlement or balance, then change. (You will know that the same happens just before puberty too. Look for other examples - you can find them everywhere)

005/pub - LETTING GO - £2.50

If you are facing in one direction, holding on to where you have been, how can you face the other direction and move into it? Much of the muddle in our lives is because we still hold on to the old whilst already having moved into the new. Like the adolescent who goes forth with a cigarette in one hand and a lollipop in the other. Best to let go first, pause, look at the new, and then march forward, free, eager and ready….

006/pub – FEAR, of not being able - £2.50

Being human is such a magical affair, and at the same time it is weird and difficult to understand the multitude of working parts and experiences. Fear is part of it. It is one of those things that the human is able to experience. Not only limited to the human being but to organic life in general – animals, and even plants and trees, are known to have fears. But yes fear is natural to the human design. Perhaps the unique thing in the human is that it can be….

007/pub - The Story of Helene Sofie… - £5.00

My story concerns the loss of my baby girl, which happened two and a half years ago, in January 2001. The feelings of shock, pain and sorrow are almost not possible to describe. The grief for her was so incredibly painful, that I experienced a sense of numbness, alongside the many tears and complete emotional devastation, for a long time. At the time I was not aware of how grief works….

008/pub - Mister Parkinson - £5.00

Are you willing to listen to my story? It is a story of bereavement with different phases. In the lives of my husband and myself a stranger sneaked in. His name was Mister Parkinson. We asked him, begged him to leave, but he never left. In the beginning he only showed his face occasionally and sometimes we even forgot that he….

009/pub - FEAR AND THE CHILL FACTOR - £2.50

Fear is part of the human condition, and some of it is natural and healthy, as it protects us from danger - like the fear of being attacked that causes us to either defend ourselves or run away, for instance; or fear of the dark when it is natural to be wary of what cannot be seen or understood.

However, sometimes the fear we feel causes us to be rendered helpless and immobile – because….

010/pub - WHAT'S IN THE BROWN PAPER BAG? - £2.50

I'm about the share with you a story who's telling is long past due. It's a familiar story to most of you reading this from death row. And now it's one that all of you in "free world " may benefit from. This is the story of my first day on the row….

012/pub – WAITING - £1.50

What is Waiting?

It is that most precious interlude where you deliberately exclude all extraneous influence for that particular time.

You will be surrounded by stillness; not a ‘doing-nothing’ stillness, but a lively stillness, that….

013/pub - DEATH CEREMONY - £2.50

When someone dies there is a strong need to give what people call “a good send off”. Why do we feel this way? What do we mean by it? What is being sent off? It suggests that the dead (whatever they might be now) are going on some kind of journey. There are expressions like ‘Crossing the Great Water’; some peoples put food and artefacts with the deceased to help them on their ‘journey’….

014/pub - Understanding Psychology - £1.75

Understanding psychology - theirs and ours

Everybody builds a psychology unique unto themselves - (psychology = what we handle our daily lives with).

You are born like an empty computer, and what you are exposed to (teaching, parents, home life, environment, religious beliefs - everything) causes you to fill that computer with your own unique ways and means as you try to make sense of all that goes on around you daily. Early childhood life consists of you trying to make rational the mountain of irrationality that surrounds you, in your own individual way. People may show similarities of behaviour but….

015/pub - YOU - your individuality and uniqueness (corollary) - £3.50

Step One
When a person nears the end of their time here, the counsellor helps them to gather their life into a ‘whole of importance’ and give it potency by a process of relegating, shedding, neutralising, sorting, putting closure on everything that has not been dealt with, that is left undone, or that is not of importance. It is essential that every dying person has the possibility of doing this with their lives, to make sure that the natural processes before, during and after….