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Pet Bereavement Support Services

(affiliated to the Ruby Care Foundation)

When it is time to say Goodbye to our beloved companion animals, we sometimes need someone to talk to who understands the many emotions we are going through.

This service offers a safe and friendly circumstance where you can begin the journey toward the quiet acceptance of the loss of your companion animal.

The Grieving Process

When we truly care about our pets they become part of the family, and their inevitable departure can leave those of us left behind feeling sad and alone.

It is natural, of course, to feel grief after the loss of a loved one, be that a cat, a dog, a budgie, or any life that was dear to you, and it is important to give yourself the time and space to work through this grieving process.

The pain of grief can cause a person to feel shocked and vulnerable. Some people prefer to work through this grief in their own private way, whilst others may appreciate the particular reassurance and understanding that a qualified pet bereavement supporter can offer.

This confidential service offers you a warm and friendly one-to-one opportunity to talk things through with a trained pet bereavement supporter. Angela Garner has extensive experience in companion animal loss, through her own experience with pets as well as her work in animal charities. She holds a Diploma in Companion Animal Bereavement Counselling, gained through the Animal Care College.

If you would like a chance to talk through the various aspects of grief that often accompany the loss of a beloved pet, please call Angela on +44 (0) 78 7074 0605

Should you get the answerphone, please do leave a message, and she will get back to you quickly. Confidentiality and the need for discretion is respected at all times.

Angela is the pet bereavement support advisor to the Environmental Animal Sanctuary & Education (EASE), (registered charity no. 1089160) which promotes all aspects of the human / companion animal relationship. EASE fully supports and funds the pet bereavement support service. You can find out more about EASE by following this link to