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Supervision for Counsellors

Judith Pocock, President and founder of The Ruby Care Foundation
Physiotherapist, Lecturer, General and Bereavement Counsellor, Author

"After years of tending people in trauma from illness and approaching death, I found myself much disturbed at the absence of real understanding and care in many of the medical professions who deal with terminal diagnoses; death sometimes being regarded as a failure, with many who care for the dying prohibited to speak about death; doctors often not confirming that someone is dying, resulting in the kind of ignorance that causes fear about what is happening, what may come next, what to expect. So I conceived the idea of The Ruby Care Foundation as a means of addressing these knotty issues and with the desire to improve things by introducing new thinking.

"The understandings arising from many years of study and research by the RCF Associates offer new perception, technology, training and ways and means. Alongside my companion associates in many countries we are forging a new Template of care and support for people who have received a terminal diagnosis, for those nearing their time of inevitable departure, for anybody in grief and finding it hard to bear and indeed for anyone suffering any kind of trauma, loss or displacement. At the same time providing an in-depth education for those who may feel that the training they have is inadequate. I am very proud to be at the forefront of the founding of this organisation and spend my time working to see its establishment across the world.

"Now, after so many years counselling the dying, and indeed providing general counselling for anybody who feels they need it; and after equally as many years spent in educating and training the many people who feel inclined to this kind of work, I have quite naturally taken that step further into 'counselling the counsellors' who sorely need support and assistance. So I am now in a position to give counselling supervision, offering the ways and means to maintain their own balances and to stay clean and unaffected by the difficulties they meet in others."

Tel: +44 (0) 333 011 7556