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Andrea Peters Denmark

I have never met you before, but I felt such a trust and belief in you ... you were the only person I could talk to; I felt understood; I got help from you. You were also sending faxes through. I am so incredibly grateful that you understood what was going on in me, what pain and suffering I was going through.

... It is pure warmth, humanity and care you are giving. I was sometimes so helpless, so desperate ... after every call with you I felt more settled, stronger, encouraged.

Here in Denmark I am getting counselling from someone who was trained by you ... it is so important to get this kind of help. The Ruby Care Foundation is something which is rare to find in our society, and there is a great need for this.


Timothy , Derby, UK

I would like to thank you for the three great seminars you gave recently, put across with such humility and care. It seemed like another injection of love from God into a debased human situation and is badly needed by us all ... it was so useful with the counselling techniques and many other insights.


Desmond O'Sullivan Ireland

I have been hearing about the work you do and want to send my support for its continuance and development ... it is great that these issues are being dealt with in such a compassionate and intelligent way.


Christine Somers Ireland

... we send you our heartfelt support knowing your endeavour is greatly needed ... it is very heartening to know that there will be such time and care given to those in the final stages of life ... we keenly feel the need for respect, care and easement to help with the process of this very difficult time ... the Foundation is greatly valued by us all and we hope you go from strength to strength.


... from the US

Thank you for our conversation yesterday - it helped a great deal and it feels as if that healing balm and whatever you carry about these matters soaked into my being ... it helped so much to have someone to share things with.


... from New Zealand

I find it so astounding and so unbelievably moving, to realise that someone cares so much about the human race - it really knocked me for six, your strong belief that each and every human has a purpose. Thank you very much.